Malimbus 21 (2) September/septembre 1999

Abstracts prepared for Ornithological Worldwide Literature (OWL)

Triplet, P., & P. Yésou. 1999. [The Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia wintering in the delta of the Senegal River]. Malimbus 21: 77-81. (SMACOPI, 1 place de l’Amiral Courbet, 80100 Abbeville, France; email: triplet"at"—Total numbers counted from 1972 to 1999, with a discussion of the reliability of the numbers, and the origin of the birds. (French, Engl. summ.)

Waltert, M., & M. Mühlenberg. 1999. Notes on the avifauna of the Noyau Central, Foręt Classée de la Lama, Republic of Benin. Malimbus 21: 82-92. (Zentr. f. Naturschutz (Abt.I), Univ. Göttingen, Von-Siebold-Str. 2, 37075 Göttingen, Germany.)—Abundance ratings for 106 species (15 new to country), recorded in one of the last remaining forest remnants in southern Benin, during 31 days of fieldwork in 1998.

Waltert, M., et al. 1999. Preliminary check-list of the birds of the Bossematié area, Ivory Coast. Malimbus 21: 93-109. (Zentr. f. Naturschutz (Abt.I), Univ. Göttingen, Von-Siebold-Str. 2, 37075 Göttingen, Germany.)—Abundance assessments of 235 species (1 new to country) within and outside forests, based on 181 days of fieldwork between April 1995 and August 1997.

van Beirs, M. 1999. First record of Scaly-fronted Warbler Spiloptila clamans in Cameroon. Malimbus 21: 110. (Hertooiebos 36, 9052 Zwijnaarde, Belgium.)—On 21 December 1996.

Macaulay, L., & J. C. Sinclair. 1999. Perrin’s Bush-Shrike Telophorus viridis, new to Gabon. Malimbus 21: 110-111. (Lib. Nat. Sounds, Cornell Lab. Ornithol., 7 Hill Rd., Greenwich, CT 06830, USA.)—One seen, and song recorded, in April 1995.

Künzel, T., & S. Künzel. 1999. First Nigerian record of Red-fronted Parrot Poicephalus gulielmi, and other notable records from SE Nigeria. Malimbus 21: 111-113.(Schrevenbornerweg 28, 24226 Heikendorf, Germany.)—Data from field expeditions 1984-1990.

Ndao, B. 1999. [Reaction of the Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat Cossypha niveicapilla to the alarm call of the Gambian Squirrel Heliosciurus gambianus.] Malimbus 21: 113-114. (c/o Moustapha Sow Baďdy, Léona, Kaolack, Sénégal.)—It made its alarm call. (French.)

Printemps, T., Y. Rouillon, & G. J. Morel. 1999. [Observation of the Brent Goose Branta bernicla in Senegal.] Malimbus 21: 114-115. (93 r. des Varennes, 49590 Fontevraud-l’Abbaye, France.)—Two, of race bernicla, in February 1997. (French.)

Dowsett-Lemaire, F. 1999. First observations on the territorial song and display of the Kupe Bush Shrike Malaconotus kupeensis. Malimbus 21: 115-117. (R. des Lavandes 12, F-34190 Ganges, France; email: dowsett"at"—In the Bakossi Mts., western Cameroon, April 1998.

Salewski, V, & T. U. Grafe. 1999. New tape recordings of three West African birds. Malimbus 21: 117-121. (Inst. f. Vogelforschung, "Vogelwarte Helgoland", An der Vogelwarte 21, 26386 Wilhelmshaven, Germany.)—Descriptions, sonograms, oscillograms, measurements of acoustic features, and comments on possible function of calls of Ardea goliath, Cuculus solitarius, and Cossypha niveicapilla, recorded in Comoé National Park, Ivory Coast in 1995 and 1996.

Salewski, V, & F. Göken. 1999. A southern record of Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting Emberiza tahapisi in Lamto, Ivory Coast. Malimbus 21: 121-122. (Inst. f. Vogelforschung, "Vogelwarte Helgoland", An der Vogelwarte 21, 26386 Wilhelmshaven, Germany.)—December 1998 at 6°13'N.

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