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Birds are what bind visitors to this website. Birds bind people in different countries, different continents even. What better way to show that than by following the migration of birds that are being tracked using satellite transmitters or wing tags? Hence this webpage, with links to websites that show how birds migrate to and from West and Central Africa, the region the WAOS is most concerned with. Links with many parts of Europe and West Asia are immediately clear. And on some of the sites you can follow the birds every fortnight or even every week. An idea for the biology, geography or social studies class at your local schools? And just for personal enjoyment and fascination, of course! So use and enjoy this page, and let us know your comments and suggestions of sites to add.    

Sattrack and wingtag websites for birds migrating to West and Central Africa,
or via West and Central Africa to East and Southern Africa

Updated 7 March 2011; additions since 14 March 2010 marked NEW
additions since 4 December 2010 marked NEW

ACTUAL 2010-2011
    pre-2010 information is under Historic below
    information concerning only the Eastern half of Africa is lower down still

Great Bittern
Netherlands (Dutch); check bird Elly http://www.vogelbescherming.nl/vogels_beschermen/zenderonderzoeken/roerdomp NEW

White Stork
Hungary (Hungarian) http://gilice.hu/ NEW
Sweden (Swedish) http://canmove-dev.ekol.lu.se/stork/ NEW

Short-toed Eagle
Italy (Italian) http://www.parcogallipolicognato.it/ita/web/nav.asp?nav=130 NEW

Montagu’s Harrier
Spain (English) http://www.seaturtle.org/tracking/?project_id=139&dyn=1189154324 
Spain (Spanish) http://www.ua.es/proyecto/cenizo/enlaces/index.html
France wing tags (English, French, German and Spanish) www.busards.com 
Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belarus; sattrack (Dutch, English) http://www.werkgroepgrauwekiekendief.nl/index.php?id=147&action=satelliet/2010/WGKsatelliet2010-Home (new web address)

Eleonora’s Falcon
Greece (English, Greek) http://www.ornithologiki.gr/life/falcoel/en/program/satellite.htm 

Scotland (English) http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/tracking/lochgartenospreys/index.asp
England (English) http://www.ospreywatch.co.uk/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/ospreywatch/sets/72157624727392015/detail/ NEW
Sweden (Swedish) http://angel.ekol.lu.se/gjuse/ NEW

Lesser Black-backed Gull
Netherlands (Dutch, English) http://www.sovon.nl/default.asp?id=409 
(41771 F.AFA was in Morocco as of 10 January 2010)

General information on satellite-tracking using the Argos system

Semi-annnual Microwave satellite-tracking newsletters

A number of global links on satellite tracking and colour marking (English): http://wetlands.org/Whatwedo/Biodiversitywaterbirds/Flywaysforwaterbirds/Globallinkscolourmarkingsatellitetracking/tabid/1696/Default.aspx

For information on projects in Europe that have fitted birds with colour-rings and/or transmitters, go to http://www.cr-birding.be . In the menu click on Projects, and then click on the species of interest.


Purple Heron
Netherlands (Dutch) 
Netherlands (English) http://followthebird.wetlands.org

White Stork, Black Stork Short-toed Eagle, Booted Eagle, Osprey
France (French) http://wildlifetracking.over-blog.com/ (new web address)

White Stork
Belgium (Dutch) http://www.ooievaars.vlaanderen.be/ooievaars.cgi?s_id=6&lang=nl 
Switzerland (German) http://www.sosstorch.ch/holger/zugkarten/index.htm 
Russia (English; reprint) http://jeb.biologists.org/cgi/reprint/207/6/937

Black Stork 
Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Latvia, Luxemburg, Spain; to West and East Africa (English, Czech) http://www.rozhlas.cz/flyingover/portal/ (slow)
[Afghanistan, Siberia, Mongolia, China to South Asia http://www.rozhlas.cz/odysea/angl/#]

Eurasian Spoonbill

Netherlands (P.l. leucorodia) and Mauritania (P.l. balsaci) (Dutch) 

Combed Duck, White-faced Treeduck, Garganey
Mali, Nigeria, Malawi (French, English) http://wildbirds-ai.cirad.fr/ 

Raptors many species
Germany, Poland, France and a number of other European countries; Namibia (English) http://www.raptor-research.de/main.html 


Scotland, Wales (English) http://www.ecologymatters.co.uk/honey_buzzard.shtml

Egyptian Vulture
Italy, Tunisia (Italian) http://www.capovaccaio.it/sito2/italiano/indexit.htm 

Pallid Harrier
Kazakhstan (English) http://www.natural-research.org/latest-news-research-updates/last-pallid-harrier-starts-migration/ (new web address)

France (French) http://balbuzard.over-blog.net/ NEW

Eurasian Hobby
Germany (English) http://www.raptor-research.de/pdfs/a_sp100p/a_sp140.pdf
Sweden (English) http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/276/1657/727.full 

Red-footed Falcon
Hungary, Romania (English, Hungarian, Romanian) http://www.kekvercse.mme.hu/en/gmap 

Eleonora’s Falcon
Spain (English) http://www.africanraptors.org/new-insights-on-ecological-barriers-in-the-migration-pattern-f-the-eleonoras-falcon-by-ugo-mellone/
Italy (English) http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/275/1653/2887.full.pdf+html

Saker Falcon
Hungary, Slovakia (English, Hungarian, Slovakian) http://www.sakerlife.mme.hu:80/en/gmap 

Black-tailed Godwit
Netherlands (Dutch) http://www.vogelbescherming.nl/vogels_beschermen/zenderonderzoeken/grutto

    pre-2010 information is under Historic below

White Stork
Hungary (Hungarian) http://gilice.hu/ 

Lesser Spotted Eagle
Romania (English) http://www.pomarina.ro/pomarina.html NEW
= http://milvus.ro/pomarina.html NEW

Sooty Falcon
Oman (English) http://sootyfalconoman.blogspot.com/

Eurasian Crane
Finland (English) http://www.satelliittikurjet.fi/engl_index.html NEW

Sociable Lapwing
Kazakhstan (English) http://www.amazing-journey.org/ NEW (none in Africa this year so far)


White Stork
South Africa (English) http://web.uct.ac.za/depts/stats/adu/wstork09.htm (2001-2002) NEW

Northern Bald Ibis
Syria (English) http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/tracking/northernbaldibis/ 

Short-toed Snake-Eagle
Israel (English) http://jbo.org.il/STEagles/Migration.htm 

Eleonora’s Falcon
Greece (English, Greek) http://www.ornithologiki.gr/life/falcoel/en/program/satellite.htm

Sociable Lapwing
Kazakhstan (English) http://www.birdlife.org/news/news/2008/02/sociable_lapwing_sudan.html